The size of your plank will depend on what headset you have. Take a look at our setup guide here.

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S
Min 0.5mMax 2.5m
Recommended plank size: 2m long x 18cm wide
You can do an “out of headset” setup using the controllers, or an in-headset setup.

Oculus Quest

Min 0.5mMax 20m
Recommended plank size: 2m long x 18cm wide
We ask you for length and width first, and then you use the flags to drag and drop the orientation of the plank to match your real world plank.

PlayStation VR

Min 0.5mMax 1.8m
Recommended plank size: 1.8m long x 18cm wide
Choose your length and width first, then you need to place your real plank where the virtual plank would be.

To access Nightmare Mode, open the ‘Do Not Touch’ panel on the opposite side of the elevator and hit ‘666’. Please note, Nightmare Mode is not suitable for children.

We are not providing keys for Richie’s Plank Experience reviews at this time. To be considered for a review key in the future, please confirm your identity and audience reach via our marketing team email at marketing@toast.com.au

Rind the bell outside the elevator to access the Santa Simulator (you will need to use the controller to access this mode).

Contact us! Get in touch and let us know the issue you are experiencing and on what device by emailing us at support@toast.com.au 

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